Physical Therapy

Helping you feel better through a healing partnership.

  • Physical TherapyPain relief
  • Injury relief
  • Stress Reduction and Wellness

All sessions are one-on-one with Linda. She will create a healing partnership with you and help you to feel better.

Plan to spend 75-90 minutes with Linda on your initial evaluation session. She wants to hear your story. She will listen carefully to you. She will then do a Physical Therapy evaluation to determine the underlying causes of your problem. After explaining everything she has discovered about your problem, she will make treatment recommendations and likely begin treatment that same session, time permitting.

When you return, the 45-60 minute treatment sessions for pain, stress, and injury relief usually include hands-on therapy, most often Zero Balancing. Most clients also receive education in pain management, self-care and as well as a home exercise program.

The hands-on treatments are utilized to help reduce pain, decrease stress, increase flexibility, and increase relaxation and a sense of well-being.

To continue your pain relief, Linda will teach you how to identify how much you can do at home to gain some control over the pain.

Most problems are helped to some extent by an exercise program. Linda will work very carefully with you to develop a home exercise program that works with your schedule. Some of her clients have exercise programs that take only 5 minutes. She believes the only exercises that work are the ones that people will do!